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I’ve been a bad, bad momma blogger

Huh, you know I think I suck at this blogging thing. I mean granted there are ten thousand (roughly) websites I work on (pretty much daily) and the whole whoring out of my super awesome clothing and other merch but my ‘me blog’ my baby (you know how much I love this Not Quite Cookie Cutterness after all…) I’ve been bad. I’m a bad blogger.

This shall, no must be remedied.

Hmm.. Lesse nothing really about the ex to complain about (he’s been gone, buh byed so that’s nothing new.

Kiddo? She’s just happy.. Hmmm.. So lesse.. We’ve covered that I’m at my best while bitching so need a topic…

I’m sick of the Octo-Mom (am I the only one thinking of Doc Oc with her nickname?) Hey! I know!

Let’s switch the tables! Readers- Tell me your rants, what’s been pissing you the heck off? Commiserate with me dear readers!

That pic has no actual relavance, it just makes me happy…


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