I’m So Not Cut Out For This

I’m a writer (sorta) by trade.   

In order to get work, sometimes you have to write or create (meaning pull it out of your rear) something for things you find rather silly and pointless, it’s a fact of the business.  Normally, I can just let my contentions go and get the work done anyway.  Sometimes, however I just am not sure if I have the stomach to write on a topic.

I received an email for a request for an article, fine – happens a lot. 
That’s the norm.  
This one is about banks.

Well, crap.  
The one topic I can’t (as in it’s seriously physically impossible) to say anything good about most of the banks.  Yeah, there’s some locals I don’t want to picket outside of, but the ones it naturally wants me to write about are all suck.  Also five seconds away from actually pushing up daisies (well, okay being bought out).
Fun.  As if I didn’t already know I’m in the wrong line of work (writing is easy, and I like paychecks).  This kind of thing just proves it to me.  I seriously just fell into writing, art is my thing- art dammit.  Not playing huggy huggy nice nice to the banks that are screwing everyone over.
If they don’t like my version, they don’t use it.  
Money or no, I do have some principals.
Huzzah for existential crisis. 


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