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Exs Suck, Namely the One’s That Call Late

You know those days and weeks it seems that not much is going in your favor?  It’s been one of those.  Granted, I’ve been lucky that a couple of things have working in my favor but dammit I’m tired and a bit frustrated all in all.

Totally not helping matters that the ex called me at 11 pm and woke me and the short one up, then proceeded to ignore my call back to him (well, granted I was going to yell at him for being an ass).  
I finally got back to sleep around 3:30 AM so, yeah I’m not all happy happy at the moment.  
The wee one is sounding about as happy as me right now too,  I can’t blame her there.  Eh, enough coffee I’ll be fine.
I also get to fix my laptop in a bit, at the moment I’m really not wanting to  at all.  Fun, fun, fun.


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