DOLLHOUSE MINIATURE - MINI CLAY FOOD MINIATURE...Image by dollhouseminiatures via Flickr (Granted, not real cake)

I’ve been reading one of the funnies baking (cake! seriously here!) related blogs I think I have ever seen, then again I’m pretty sure it’s also the only humor/ cake blog I have ever seen.. hmm anyway, presenting: cake wrecks.

It’s made me feel so much better about any professional booboos I’ve made.

That’s actually the other cool thing about it, it’s only focused on people who are professional cake decorators. Boo-Yeah! Guilt free laughing!

Although it’s heavy on the butter cream icing (gag) something I absolutely HATE. I cannot stand mass-store butter cream. I’ve had it pretty good but it was done by my brother (a pro-chef, like seriously trained) and a few amazing bakery shops that are around where I live.

Being the not-so-closeted foodie I am, I give so many kudos to that website, mostly for keeping me up most of the night laughing my head off.

Some of those disasters are absolutely amazing. They need some kind of award, or something. Seriously, being able to ‘professionally’ destroy some of those ‘creations’ takes some serious talent.

The best part, on Sundays they show amazingly beautiful confections. Some I have such a hard time believing it’s actually edible.


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