The Scientology Connection? Religions and Medications

In this handout from Rogers and Cowa...
Jett Travolta

Scientology seems to be one of those either love it or hate it topics.  The organization is rife with troubles and secrets of it’s own, seemingly aware of it all too.  I know people generally need something to believe in, and religion tend to fill that void for many.

With the recent debate over Jett Travolta’s death, on if the he indeed had autism or not it seems to be garnering more attention recently.  Scientology doesn’t recognize any mental illness’ and honestly, what harm does that cause it’s member’s who have one?  Religions can have their place in the world, but when it comes to medications and treatments, should they stay out of it?

I know Scientology isn’t alone in this, many religions don’t ‘recognize’ western medications and treatments.  At the moment though, Scientology happens to be in the forefront.  They hold protests and completely denounce the entire psychiatric industry, taking it all as an evil.

Now, if Jett Travolta did indeed have Autism I don’t know if that could have actually been linked to his death.  It’s an unfortunate situation, that regardless could have been handled differently.  His father John Travolta in recent years has come under scrutiny over his sexuality, which is something that doesn’t seem like it would belong in this post, but there is a connection.

The person who found the now deceased Jett?  None other than Jeff Kathrein (linked, because Gawker makes the point far better than I).  Now, honestly the point of contention?  Jeff Kethrein isn’t exactly what I’d call a common sense solution for being a nurse.  Or caretaker (or whatever term you would like used here).

I’ll leave you with this quote from Gawker:

Kathrein is one of the Travolta family’s two nannies. On his website, he describes himself as a photographer; he mostly lenses weddings. His qualifications for childcare are unclear, other than being a Scientologist like Jett’s parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Kathrein’s wife, Ana, is also a Scientologist. (Some Scientology critics believe the church forces gays and lesbians to stay in the closet and pursue heterosexual relationships, frequently citing Travolta and Preston’s marriage.)