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Quick Announcements | Problems and Issues

Problems | Announcements

Quick Announcements:  Anything that I need to say will be posted up here.  If you have a problem or an issue, please let me know with a comment and I’ll try to get it resolved as quick as I can.


Known Issues:

*If you have gmail there seems to be an issue with getting your confirmation email.  MSN, Yahoo, and a few others seems to be fine though.  If you don’t get it, first check your spam folder.  If it’s still not there, comment here and I’ll get your account set-up.

It seems to be pretty much fixed now.  So, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Still, if anyone has any problems just let me know by commenting here.

*The other thing I’ve noticed is if you try to use the tabs at the top in any order other than main page -> tab then it seems to run into problems.

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