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Quite Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Know

Crazy is as crazy does, I suppose that is true. In a Forest Gump-eque way I suppose things can’t really get much more insane (granted more of a watered down just pretty much dumb kind of insane).
Or maybe I’m the crazy one. Who really knows anymore.
The combination of all the different personality type online is certainly something I have come to enjoy. The melting pot of everything, granted it’s a social experiment in a way that’s been done before.
Even with the ‘amazing’ tech of today the one thing that never seems to ever change is people act the same damn way. This group is persecuted, that one is evil, and well… It’s like everyday life. Truth be told it just seems like pithy comments are all anyone has anymore. Then again, pithy comments are pretty much my “thing” so I suppose I can’t talk.

So, indeed this was a wholly point less blog post.

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I also thought this was great(a very lmao way):
Paradox9 is worth:

My site is worth $1146.1.
How much is yours worth?

While Here is just over that. I thought that was kinda funny. Hey, anyone like debates?


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