Calm Your Nerves

Shopping cart staredownImage by happykatie via FlickrIt can seem as if there are as many suggested methods of calming your child today as there are actual kids. From your grocery store clerk, to your in laws everyone has advice on how to parent your child. With so many people who seem to know what is better for your bundle of joy, that it could be tough to actually figure out what will really help. So what is Mom or Dad supposed to do when they are at their wits end? After you’ve already made sure that they aren’t wet, hungry, tired, in pain, or the many other reasons children cry.

Finding what the best fit for your family and their specific needs can be a challenge, it is not impossible. There are some trying times as a parent when there is a chance any of us could lose their cool, and we all need a break now and then.

Here are a couple of tricks you can use to get a second of peace so you can use the time to form a semi-coherent thought.

*Keep your cool. Even if you have to put baby down in a safe spot and walk away for a minute or two. If Mom or Dad is stressed, baby or a big kid will be too. Just place baby in a safe spot (crib, a safe area on the floor, etc) and walk away for a few minutes.

*Distract. If you can, try to distract your child. If s/he is having a tantrum over something sometimes you can stop it before it turns into a full blown break down. For a crying newborn, you can distract them sometimes by running your faucet. The sound of running water can be incredibly calming to an infant.

*Talk softly. For bigger kids that are screaming, sometimes if Mom or Dad start talking in a whisper, they will lower their voice. It’s a reactive move. It can work wonders though.

*Just let them cry. We all could use a cry now and then. Sometimes if you just (while still making sure they are safe) let them have their tantrum, it will get it out of their system.