Cake Cake I Say

Let Them Eat Cake!

Big business has a choke hold on this country, and they are proceeding to strangle the life out of us. With the bailouts flowing free, it’s obvious that our free trade and capitalism isn’t working. The capitalist era may be coming to an end, with the fingers already pointing. No one is taking any blame, the days of “the buck stops here” are indeed long over and gone.
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Bonus Fun Fact! The reference to Marie Antoinette isn’t as happy as most people think. During those times “cake” meant well.. crap.

I’m separating out the super promotional content on this blog (oh yeah, I’m still mentioning it.. Just not nearly as bad.) You can keep up with me and the coding monkeys over here at Nixxy’s Picks.

I’m just making the attempt at making everything less “jumbly”. The self promos are a bit time consuming, so I’m going to hair flip and bring my toys over at the other blog. Here I’ll be still posting up freebies and other goodness I’ll be making.

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