The Boob Avenger

Breastfeeding an infantImage via WikipediaThis is something I just found. I wrote this last year sometime. The Picture isn’t me/ Shorty, and it wasn’t part of the original. I just think it illustrates this nicely.
The Boob Avenger:
Tales From an Udderly Amazing Mommy

I had lunch with a friend recently, when my daughter started to cry a bit signaling it was time to eat, I carefully and discreetly adjusted my shirt and began to nurse her. Making sure I wasn’t exposed in any way.

“That’s disgusting.” my friend flatly stated, in between bites of her over processed petrified meat snack.

It took all I had to not choke on my shock. Sitting in front of me, this hero for women, and to me, falling off her pedestal with such force I half expected the room to shake. Calling the most natural act a mother could do, of all things- disgusting?!
“What?”, sure I had heard wrong, I asked her to clarify.

“That,” motioning to my happily contented and eating child, “it’s disgusting.” she repeated again. Just as flatly, with the same amount of disgust that one would give to a pile of garbage.

I’m sure looking back now the shock had, by this time registered upon my face. My now in quotes “friend” not missing a beat, simply shrugged and shoved some more of her over processed petrified meat snack into her mouth. By the time this interaction had finished, my daughter was ready for her nap. While I was ready to reevaluate my social life.

I thought long and hard and still could not for the life of me figure out why breastfeeding is at such odds with our “modern” and “forward thinking” society. Yet, you can go into any gas station and see the wall and racks of magazines with women displayed throughout them with barely covered chests, yet me and other nursing mothers are looked at with such disdain for daring to use our chests for their intended use.

What is it with women’s chests that seems to have the ability to drive 99% of Americans into such a tizzy when used the way nature intended. Yet, when used to say, sell a car the same 99% seems to tun around and think it’s a-okay. I thought long and hard about making it my mission to teach the state I live in, no- The Entire Country to realize that this is what boobs are for! Not for selling expensive cars or burgers, no! These are for feeding my child! I would proclaim it loud- and repetitively!

Granted at this point I was home and making quite the speech to my family, my husband I must say was taking my new found roll as a “boob revolutionary” quite well. My daughter, looked wide eyed at me with a smile looming on her lips. Although my voice may have been a tad exaggerated, it fit well with my Washingtonesque posing.

With a slightly snide but well intending snarks from my husband, “Honey, your udderly amazing.” My revolution began to form. What, you may wonder shall this “boob revolution” from myself and other “udderly amazing” women entail? Well, for one, well fed and happy kiddos. For another, well it’s simple- a promise to give them the best and feed them when their hungry and spread some knowledge along the way.

So here I am, armed with a set of personal feeding devices- only used to “advertise” the amazing mother nature (sorry no fancy sports cars here), and a enough knowledge about the wonders of motherhood and nurturing my child to spread to anyone and everyone who will listen (and more than likely a few who would rather not).