The Banshee and The Iced Coffee

My AfterlifeImage by Renée Ann Wirick via FlickrFirst the Banshee (scroll down for the coffee recipe):

I now know the true dominance of my genetics. I suppose in a sense it’s a small bit of relief. Or, not so much. The last three days have been well… Loud. Very, very loud. Doesn’t help I suppose that I somehow managed to decimate my back. Threw it out of whack completely, not fun.

My daughter, the bundle of joy that she is is trying to connect again with her Irish roots. How? You may be wondering, exactly does a one year old accomplish this? Easy! By impersonating a banshee (yep, again- For. Three. Days. Straight.).

To give credit where it is due, the impersonation really is flawless. Banshees are known for their ear piercing, unrelenting scream. They say it in mourning. Although, Bean may simply be mourning about the lack of stair access (yay for child safety gates!) or something else. I haven’t really figured that out quite yet. Although, she’s a puppy for Halloween she’s trying out a hellbeast (Cerberus) howl maybe? See, she’s probably just working on her acting for that angle. A born star!

In other, much more caffinated news. I have found the exact formula for the absolute best iced coffee ever!
*Double brewed Colombian coffee.
*Caramel or Mocha
*A container to put it in.

Brew the coffee double strength, before putting it in the container put in the mocha or caramel at the bottom. The heat dissolves it beautifully.

Pour a bit of the coffee over the caramel/ mocha and swish it around until it’s dissolved. Put some ice (a couple of handfuls is enough) put in the rest of the coffee and put the rest in the fridge. Let it stay there until it’s cold.

When you are ready to drink some put some milk/ cream into your glass and pour the coffee in.

It is amazing.