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One Of Those Internet Guys

Common Sense album coverImage via WikipediaMy blog from all of five minutes ago made me think of something. I get a metric (digital?) ton of junk email in my various inboxes at all times. I keep getting one in particular that by my own admission make me giggle uncontrollably.

Invariably, it always starts the same way. The introduction, “I’m one of those internet guys.” the first time, I thought it was a crush or something (I’m a geek, a complete and utter geek.) opening it, I was to say the least, disappointed.

He went on to tell me the usual sales pitch, which in and of itself is BORING. Cause you know, I’m one of those “internet girls”, (well, that doesn’t sound right does it?) and this is my work and my job. So, I have to admit I now my way around the net. I know how to make some money on it.

Six figures a day is frikken ridiculous. It’s not going to happen.
Those who fall for that, I’m sorry wise up. Use the whole common sense thing.

I have yet to find one that is even halfway believable. There are some that are FREE that you can get some money on. But it’s change.

Getting money from no work is a pipe dream. Please wake up. Now.

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