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Happy Are We?

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This not quite as apt as I would like it to be title is telling you something. Here I’ll wait here until your ever so apparent Internet excited dies down.

We good? Ok then.

Things are absolute chaos again at the Cleaver residence, Momma Cleaver is filled with dread at the many deadlines looming just out of momentary reach, that’s always fun. Baby Cleaver is trying to get into ever little thing she possibly can (the norm).

I’ve tried the lists, you know the ones with the checks that I’m supposed to be thrilled with being able to check off? Yeah those, don’t work for me.

Alas with the checky lists I revert back to high school. Yawning, and bored. Scribbling. SCRIBBLING I say! (Which really isn’t that all big of a deal considering I’m an artist, but work with me here!)

I’m supposed to be working on my book. A good one (with booky type words and all!) alas, The ex – Mr Cleaver (formerly Mr. Man) decided to come today and terrorize me (his presence is excruciating, trust me on this.). So I might be including his likeness in the story line, ha! If he only read, that would be a damn good punishment.

I’ve also realized, I have no organizational skills at all. Yet, honestly, somehow I work well in the crazy way.

Meh, just meh.

I had a much better post cooked up, but for reasons that shall remain mysterious I can’t post them up at the moment…

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