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Disabilities and Compassion

Compassion personified: a statue at the Epcot ...Image via WikipediaThere used to be a time when people were swept under the rug and hidden away from view, their families shamed otherwise. They were skittered away from society into what could only be described as an absolutely horrendous environment. No doubt, confused about being sent away, never to see their mommies and daddies again. What was their “crime”? They were born with disabilities. That is it, their only crime was they were different.

In today’s world, although things are indeed different there is still a gap in understanding. Parenting children with disabilities often into adulthood is a tough thing to do. There are many families out there who do this, selflessly day in and day out. I have nothing but respect for these families. Their love for their children outweighs all else, in a society that claims to be “understanding” there is still a painful disconnect.

There are still people living among us who think that due to some one being “different” they are somehow less human (be warned, the story in that link is atrocious). This story brought me to tears, first time in a long time that has happened. Children and adults who only feel love, compassion, and try their absolute hardest to make friends do not deserve anything less than love in return. I’ve both worked and been around many, many people with so many varying disorders, I couldn’t imagine anyone doing something so horrible to another human being.

Yet,this is what happens. Every. Single. Day. It is truly enough to make me sick inside. I at times can physically feel my faith in humanity slipping when I read about things like this.

I know there are people out there who aren’t like this, there are people who devote their lives to helping. Giving a helping had where ever one is needed. It’s people like that that still give me hope for the world’s future.

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