Baby Pincusion

I’ve been sucky with daily updates with good reason- the flu. Blarg  
Thankfully when I get sick it’s only one horrible day, although I fully get the whole momma on “on” no matter what thing now.  I’ve now grown a whole new respect with all that.  Dayum.
Bean had her (actual name escapes me at the moment) “lead test” which I never even knew about until her last Doc visit, so I was a bit on the antsy side about it.  Gotta say though- she did amazing.  
After the needle was in she just kinda watched and get this (I kid you not) SMILED, and LAUGHED.  Yeah, odd kiddo huh?  I employed Gramma (my mom) to do the deed of holding the short one down in the pincushion arm while I held the other/ comforted.  Mostly due to my momma breakdown mode I *might* get into (I didn’t).
She’s feeling much better, cuddly as all heck (rare though, she knows when I’m not feeling good.  I swear she’s got my (ok, ok and her dad’s) motabolism.  She can pack food away like nothing I’ve seen.  She’s still a twig.  Gonna be tall like me (daddy’s short. ha).  Plus so far she gets sick like me (but you know, handles it MUCH better.)

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