You Drunk

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p>“You Drunken Bastard” Keychain

I ‘m disturbingly proud of this.

Under the obviously real picture (/sarcasm) it says “You Drunken Bastard”. Now is the time of year we should all show how much we appreciate the drunken bastards in our lives.

Friends, family we all know one. You know- the person you always know right off the bat is going to be a complete idiot while he’s downing his crappy beer.

Yeah, him. Give him/ her this to show how much you really appreciate their special breed of humor.

This fine example of oh so mature and reasonable humor is directed at those with the ego of a thousand narcisissts. Like myself, and I know most bloggers are the same way, after all you haven’t really made it until Google has ten thousand listing on you (he, one or two actually point to me!)

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