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Tricky little thing

Being forced to describe anything I’ve done or am doing seems to be giving me more of a hassle. Life’s little “about me” fill in the blanks give me a headache, I usually in the real world let things speak for themselves. It works well.

Online however, between branding basic descriptions or anything of that nature when it applies to my own work, I somehow have issues. Other people’s work though? No problem.

Take this blog for instance.

See that blurb above? The one that is supposed to tell you, my loyal readers (which you all totally are, even if you all never comment though you really should. Google had to tell me you care- but what about us?) what this whole thing is about? Well, that is what I mean. I have no answers for it. This is about all my semi-neurotic little thoughts, working, my motivations, passions, money and everything.

I suppose I run the bastard child of a blog. No real cohesion from post to post. But (and if this doesn’t scare you nothing will) this is how my brain works. I am pretty together all in all, but through it all my thoughts really are a trainwreck (in a really awesome creative and tasking kind of way). I think that’s part of my charm though. I’m a obsessive ball of crazy in my head. At the same time being pretty damn together.

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