Oh! Scathing Reviews!! Yay!

Walfare families = Cash cow kids?

Being a little pissy at the moment, and trying my damnedest to pretend to give half a damn.

It’s not working.

Okay, I know that welfare is a seriously hot button issue. I get this. But – WHY? I honestly don’t get why the hell it’s no *omgdrama*. I recently saw a poll (go anonymous replies) asking if it was a good idea or bad idea to drug test welfare recipients.

Drama ensued…


Maybe I don’t want my money going to pay for somebody’s issues, drugs, god knows what else. There I said it. I don’t want to pay for some chicks crappy decisions. I bust my ass and damned if I don’t want to give money to some woman who gets knocked up for a couple hundred extra bucks a month.

By far I know not everyone is abusing the system like that.

Unfortunately, I know those who are. I don’t want them getting my hard earned money.

To hell with that. If that is how you see your kid – F- off (pic related).