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Oh and -Beta Testers

Beta Testers:
Paradox9.com is a small start up with a lot of
potential. We are working hard to improve our website for the full public
release. We are a community website with a revenue sharing program, you will
receive 40% of the advertising revenue your article and art make. We don’t try
and limit what you can or cannot post up in terms of actual content (in regard
to the actual type of content meaning art, writing, a portfolio etc.) as long as
it meets the community guidelines.
Content We Want (and we are also
requesting from our Beta testers:):
*General Blogging
articles (Tutorials, News)
*Fine arts
We are looking for Beta testers to help us out.
Your responsibilities are:
*Report any bugs to the Admins (Through a
contact form).
*Just be a user on our website to test everything out fully,
and help produce content.
What you need:
A Google adsense account (we
will not be sending payments direct, you will be getting revenue from
An account with us – sign up through art.paradox9.com (it’s

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