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I was told there would be pie?


Just check the junk mail box. I just got the best spam subject title ever. EVER.

Grants4 U (doesn’t that just scream legit????) sent me the most awesome subject, stark in it’s minimalist approach.- pie. No joke- just “pie.”.

Seriously, I actually opened it. I felt the compulsion to know what this deep message had to do with money and pie. NEEDED to know. Money and pie?!

Well the charm wore off quick after I opened said message. There was no pie. Nor money. Poorly done adverts was all.

Who designs for these “companies” seriously?? A three year old? Please hire me! I’ll make you fake offers of pie look better! I’m a starving (well, not actually I’m doing pretty good for myself, but lets work with that guilt ok?) graphic designer, I need jobs.



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