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Are you in Relationship or Inlaw Hell?

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Loser or Lover?

Love, romance, dating. It can all be a challenge. Get some pointers or just vent in our forums..
Granted, this community is pretty much just for fun, we’re hoping that you can still get some great advice! We’re working on official L.O.L. profiles too! Join today for free!
Site is still under construction, but you can just skip this and go straight to the community! Just click here!
We all have those dating and relationship stories. You know that lingering question- should I stay or should I go? This community is about that. Ask and receive your answers. Things can be rough, and this community will help you through the maze that is dating and relationships.
This community is mostly for fun and if you get some good advice or at the very least a smile, pass on the love (or should that be love loss?).

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on this site, please feel free to let us know! Simply post it up in the suggestions board (follow the community link..


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