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Wow, what just happened?

Today officially marks the day where the night before I had my last night of semi-ok sleep. It’s official, I am now the momma of a toddler. (One is a toddler right?)

Yep, today is Bean’s first birthday!

One year? Wow, I just can’t get over that.
I made a cake too, and wrapped everything, and dare I say it she’s napping like a rock.

Hmmmm…. Everything is in…. order???
Huh, this has almost never happened.

Mr. Man is behaving.
I’m fairly calm.

Spongebob spongecake (I’ll post pics eventually.) Is made and decorated.

OMG. Wow. It’s just so well, not like me.

Semi-ex-inlaws I’m sure will call/ harass/ wish happy birthday to Bean.
(Depending on which one calls when, some are fine,borederline kickass. others not so much… damn slinky people..) Maybe they’ll be giving me something funny to post? Here’s hopeing..

Meh, toodles for now.
Mrs. Cleaver (Please don’t point out that there are some similarities atm PLEASE! so you know the whole snark effect with that name ain’t that great right now- trust me I’m aware.)

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