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The Birthday From Hell (TM)

I got myself a little ahead/ behind myself for a bit. But news is good, the (in my head), Birthday from hell (TM) thankfully went smashing. The cake was great (not only because it was a me original (TM)), but you know the compliments spread nicely and added to the taste. Ego? No, not me. Never. heh

Bean had a blast, I can’t get over that personally. Honestly I figured she’d be a little ball of misery, tears, and cranky. Concidering she only had literally 5 minutes of sleep. Nope, she surprised me astoundingly. The only thing that even remotely resembled tears was her flipping crap on her cousin due to the fact that ohmygosh he so isn’t giving her his necklace. *sigh* Although the mini-tyrant is funny as hell. *sigh* more like momma every day… Crap. Meh, I’ll enjoy the comedy gold while I can.

The guilty look on his face was priceless. His Uncle (Mr. Man) brought on the releif when he started laughing and we both made it clear that it was fine, no one expected him to give it to her. (Personally parents like that drive me nuts. No, I am NOT handing over >insert my god knows how much it just cost me item here< to your hell spawn kid.)

The drama that was expected didn’t happen. THANKFULLY.
Though there is always tomorrow. Although it would be great fodder for this blog and my literally tens of readers.

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