Spam and the Bedroom

Spam sucks, yeah we all know. Spammers suck, yeah we know that too.
<--It's enough to make this look good.
The one thing that gets me to be perfectly honest is, I’m really not sure which is more insulting, the fact they think I’m a guy with a lot of “bedroom difficulties”, a drug fiend, or someone willing to take out an amazing deal on a 599% intrest rate loan, to “tide me over”.
Not to mention this guy scares the living hell outta me, he’d better be overendowed, because that’s not right.

With a face like that, I’d think soilent green is *just* around the corner. Hmm? Sausage? Soilent Green? SOILENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!oneone!

Sorry the geek wanted out. Moveing along..

Yeah, my email I use that get hit hardet has a pretty good spam blocker, alas I cannot just delete, I must look to make sure nothing I actually need gets deleted. (Can you tell that’s happened?) My family also is the type to *argh* be “fun” and send me a whole bunch of rediculous crap. Although, yes some of it is funny. I just don’t see how Little Billy is going to get that kidney from you (or anyone) fowarding a piece of spamminess, no, I don’t care what the damn email said. There’s not even a way to track it.
Then there’s the pretty and “uplifting” pictures. Motovational though?
No. No, it is not. A kitten in a tree while cute is still the most painful cliche EVER.
“Hang in there”, it’s enough to make me gag and give up. Ha! What now? Oh another poster.
I’ll file that one under, you aren’t going to get it anytime soon huh? Although I love the hell outta my family they scare me. Bad. I swear I’m adopted… Oh wait.. I am. Good. ** WAIT, before you email me with the fury of a thousand celebrity bloggers- it’s okay for me to make that joke, because I actually am in fact, adopted.- No bitchy mail ha! foiled again! **
Although, that more than likeyly should read was adopted huh? It’s kinda done and already happened, like 25 years ago and all… Hmmm…
Meh, I gotta go pretend I’m working for a bit. Cause you know all the people out there can see me and all… /sarcasm