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80 Posts and counting – Go Me!

So I locked Mr AzzHat out of the house.
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Er uh, that should have read Mr. Man. (Mrs. Cleaver warned him she wasn’t taking his crap. Yet there he went, crap tossing in the Cleaver house- so now he’s locked out. Ha.
Oh yes, momma feels like a badazz right now. (If it weren’t for the appointment he has, it would just be that much sweeter. Grr)
So I was reading PeasInMyHair, and I totally will cop to a nano second of jealousy. But then it hit me, if I were that happy with Mr. Man, where would that leave me, and this blog, and us? Dear Readers, I promise to never truly get along with Mr Man for you! (Not because he pizzes me off as a To Do on his list every day, really it’s for you, and us, and this blog.) So, you know after thismuch soul searching, I decided to make that promise. ^
Yeah, the happiness rocks when two people are in love.
I rock when I have someone to bitch about continually. hehe
Although that sentence makes me wonder, after a year can I still blame my hormones? No? Damn. Oh well, I guess I just have to admit, I still just don’t like him very much huh?
For now this is all. I’ll be back theoretically in a bit.

2 thoughts on “80 Posts and counting – Go Me!”

  • Heh heh. No need to be jealous! I scream at him every day anyway. That was just the good list. The thing I whip out when I’m super pissed!

    Also, it’s ALWAYS okay to blame hormones.

    PMS = Pre Menstrual Syndrome
    PMS = Present Menstrual Syndrome
    PMS = Post Menstrual Syndrome

    See how that works out?

  • lol I love it.

    Also seems like a bit of a better idea then my present strategy. Treating him like a three year old.

    I realized that wouldn’t work out when after I tried to putting hubby in a time out. He went but, after he realized he actually wasn’t three he left the corner…


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