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Diamonds and Zombies

In reality this is still a shallow blog.
So, nothing has changed (even with your super kewl title).

Exactly how does one earn whore diamonds?  Would you really want them regardless?  I mean yeah, they’re diamonds but they are still whore diamonds.  To illustrate my logic, this is a diamond:

Here is my artists’ rendition of a whore diamond:

Now what does that actually go with?

Although I imagine the stench of bengey, sad, old, and death would be hard to get out of whore gear…

Although in my search for diamond images, I’ve seriously decided on this for my cake topper:
(At least if I ever get married again..)

Seriously- how frikken awesome??
Zombies, and NO not just zombies Spiderman and Mary Jane Zombies!  Add in Indy somehow it’s the f-ing trinity of awesome.  And maybe some kind of monster robot.  Yeah, one that transforms into Indy.  Giant monser Indy? Nah… ?  How’s about just the whip?  Maybe the fedora?   Seriously though, Indy is to me what cake is to a fat kid.  A giant robot zombie fat kid…

Okay sorry. Minor dorkgasm…

Oh and, speaking of zombies- I think the people I know need to be a hell of a lot nicer now I know how to survive the upcoming Zombie apocalypse.  Due to the seriously best survival guide out there, oh yes -The Zombie Survival Guide. 

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