So just to clarify

Dear Mrs. Crazy Lady who thinks it a wonderful idea to berate in in wallyworld as I am just trying to get through it quick enough,

As you can see I am with my 9 month old. Yeah, she’s tugging at her ears. No, she doesn’t have an ear infection. No, instead she’s just discovered them. They are toys to her. No, I don’t think I should take her to the ER NOW! And no, please don’t scream this in my daughter’s face, your scaring her. As I tried to kindly point out.

Also, don’t get huffy because I didn’t take your sage medical wisdom although I’m sure you did graduate from MIL – U I’m sure your daughter-in-law does appreciate your wisdom, I’m sure she appreciates it just fine as she’s chugging down that extra margarita.

Also, no. I don’t think I will be apologizing to you for telling you to “get bent”. Oh and yes, my little girl (she’s wearing pink for christ’s sake.) would indeed make me proud if she talked like that to crazy old bats who think that because they spit out a couple of little boys they become the grand pubaa of know it all.

Whomever can claim this mother in law, oh dear god sweetie. I’m so sorry. I’m buying you a good, stiff drink.

The “bitch” who refuses to take wallyword old lady’s medical advice.