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Catholic Girl Syndrome?

I think I have finally diagnosed my problem.

Catholic Girl Syndrome. Yep I gots it, I got it bad. Funny, being an ex-catholic and all. Never did go to that all girl school.. Yet somehow, I still got the syndrome. The issue? Mostly frustration. Other than that? More frustration. I’d name names, but you know if I had names to name I’d not have this problem. Maybe I’m a bit spoiled? Nah, not me. I can’t possibly be *gasp* spoiled. A girl has needs, and wants, and dammit I want it now.

Confused? Yep. Me too.

I’m having a bit of a “desire” to be a bit “bad”. So, why doesn’t someone (you) anonymously or not, confess what you want right now (or at least a fantasy or two). Your best “bad girl” or “bad boy” secret you want to tell the world? Please? I guess I just want some fantasy material, but I do want to know your little “confession”. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I’ll list some (I’ve got a bit) if you list some.

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