Book- looking for stories

Title of my new book.

Which is a funny little sentence, considering it’s my first book. Been published a bit, but as of now only short articles.
Okay, so yeah the title is a bit for shock value but in a nutshell it’s about girls behaving outside of accepted social norms. Granted, it’s more for liberation purposes than anything. I’m not aiming for any hard core type salacious writing, just honest, and true stories of woman not acting like they “should” (think of it as the dark side of the hopeless 1950’s housewife).

Okay, so I’m writing a book I guess that’s covered now. I need stories.
I don’t need your name, just a pen name or something annonyomous, you can post it here or just email me, at admin (@) just you know, without the spaces and “(” “)”.

Tell me somethings. You shall remain as private as you’d like.

As for your stories, tell me anything.