Why oh why

Does my daughter insist on kicking mommy in the stomach until I yelp? WHY?? When her dad is around she doesn’t do this to him, or grama, or grampa, no. The kick fest at 5:30 A.M. is for mommy.

Grr so I am up. And pretty pissy…

Oh well…

In interesting news Mr. Man has finally given me the honor of telling me why we’re getting a divorce (damn long process) it’s dah dah daaaahhh- “I’m just not ready.”

No, that was NOT an option. It’s a cop out.
I technically wasn’t ready to evict wee one, but you know what?? I did. I adjusted, I’m happy wee one is happy. That is life. “I don’t think I’m ready” after the fact is BULLSHIT.

In work related Cookie Cutter news, my publishers are now (previously nice and quick with everything) are now insisting on taking FOREVER to get back to me. Ok, I get it’s not an easy job. Hell, my article isn’t exactly time-sensitive ok fine. But it’s been three weeks. They’ve usually had this done in 1 and a half.