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It falls, crumbles, goes boom.

That word alone was enough to send me over the edge, so when my ex spoke it not too long after he had returned from his overseas adventure my heart sank deep into my stomach. “Maybe we should get a divorce.” He states, a bit (okay a lot) misspelled. In of all things a text message to my cell phone (how Britany Spears of him). “I cheated on you.” he send me not too long after. I barely am able to keep my legs supporting the rest of me at this point. Proudly, I would like to say that I managed to hiss the word bastard albeit a small victory. Admittedly, other than that words escaped me. Yet, me being me stayed for a but longer. Well yeah- he did cheat. What I had found soon after out is it wasn’t the first time. Nor was it the last.

One this I need to point out right here- I am one stubborn, stubborn biotch.

I had just had a daughter whilst he is off saving the free world (ha.). She was barely two months old when he got home. I was Mrs. Proud wife (shiver), proud of him for being (gag) brave in the face of (ha!) what he was going through (irony).

Okay now, side step a second.

A lot of my family is military, from the navy to the army you name it I grew up around it. So logically I just had to marry military myself, call it destiny, call it my inner strength and resilience pushing me. My family just calls it “The most idiotic thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Which for someone such as myself, who is somewhat known for her less than intellegent behavior at times is an accomplishment in and of itself. So here I am now. Slowly making my way in this world with my little Bean at my side. Or at least until I go from the coolest mommy ever to the biggest embarrassment ever. Hey, I still got about 12 years until then.

So- welcome to my life.
I still don’t remember signing up for this.

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